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Breakthrough Engenuity LLC

 Oil and Gas Industry Focused Professional Engineering and Design Services


​​​​Breakthrough Engenuity LLC is a dedicated to

innovative design engineering.   Our expertise and

experience combine with out-of-the-box thinking and

engineering ingenuity to meet your needs with

the results for you want for tomorrow.  We avoid the "because we've always done it that way" paradigm in every case!  We simply won't use copy-cat designs or sacrifice process or operating efficiencies for any reason. 

​Innovation is the name of the game for us.  From our "Plug and Play" facilities designs  which allow operators to move separators and treaters from one battery to the next in just minutes as production declines to eventually eliminate CAPEX for new equipment to the industry's first state of the art, fully automated, PLC controlled, electrically heated Generation 6 L-POD Electrostatic Oil Dehydration Unit with zero emissions and the industry's very first zero carbon footprint. 

With gas prices on the rise you might consider our self-contained and patented "MorOil" system.  It is a fully self-contained pneumatically controlled NGLs capturing unit that puts more liquid hydrocarbons in your stock tanks, adding oil sales revenue, and eliminating smoking flares!

Our ingenious "KoTreat" system combines the benefits of a free water knock-​out and horizontal heater treater for easier and more efficient separation.  You get a properly sized vessel every time.  Operators love it as they have only one high-performance separation vessel ​to operate instead of two!  We provide the engineering and design services for each new KoTreat system at no added cost so each one fits your applications perfectly!

Breakthrough's engineering expertise spans decades of innovative oilfield process equipment systems, facilities, and component design.  Successful new component, vessel, and facilities designs in today's shale oil operations prove that we are always up to date.  We continue to build our knowledge base for the maximization of product features, manufacturing guidelines, superior process quality, ongoing engineering efforts in the field of oilfield processing.  We demand creative solutions that offer cutting edge designs, superior in-field performance, and generate a competitive advantage for you right now.  Our twenty-two oilfield patents are proof of our focus on the many ways we can help you achieve your performance and engineering goals.

Depend on us for your facility designs.  We'll include our patented and proprietary design services wherever we can to increase your competitive advantage.  Our focus is in following key areas of interest:

​1.         Oilfield related pressure vessel design and optimization.

2.         Oilfield related combustion processes.

3.         Oilfield related natural gas processing and conditioning.

4.         Oilfield related instrumentation and automation unrelated to water treatment plants/processing.

5.         Oil and gas industry related process system optimization.

6.         Oilfield crude oil dehydration to pipeline specs.

​7.         Oilfield facilities design to prevent fires.

8.         Oilfield chemicals and their most effective application methodology.

9.         Oil and gas process equipment sizing for optimum separation.


​​The patented "KoTreat" is a Free Water Knockout (FWKO) and a Horizontal Heater Treater, built in a single ASME Code pressure vessel. 

The inlet is into the FWKO end where oil and gas are separated from free water.  Gas exits the vessel downstream of a "serpentine vane demister".  Water exits to a HWSB Skim Tank for polishing its quality by removing the roughly 1% entrained oil to produce water with less than 50 ppmv total suspended solids, suitable for reuse.  Oil flows into the heater treater section where it is evenly distributed under the firetube for uniform heating to reduce its viscosity so all water of emulsion can readily separate, leaving this section at less than 0.1% BS&W typically.