​​Breakthrough Engenuity LLC is a dedicated, and very

innovative design  engineering consulting firm.  Our 

expertise and experience combine with out-of-the-box

engineering ingenuity to meet your today needs with

extraordinary results for tomorrow.  We never shoe-horn

"someone's 50 year old standards" into you application needs.  We simply won't sacrifice process or operating efficiencies. 

​Innovation is the name of the game for us.  Two examples ​are our unique KoTreatTM water-oil-gas-solids separation system, and our MorOilTM  system

With our MorOilTM system we'll put more stock tank barrels of your most valuable light oil into storage, produce more oil sales revenue, and send less condensate down the gas line or to flare.  

With our KoTreatTM system you get the benefits of combining a free water knock-​out and horizontal heater treater into one single vessel.  Through our exclusive design services for KoTreatTM you have only one properly sized vessel to install, one properly engineered vessel to operate, and only one high-performance separation vessel ​to maintain ... all instead of two!  And again, we provide the proprietary design services for each new KoTreatTM system to make sure each one fits your applications perfectly!

Breakthrough has over 50 years of experience in the field of innovative oilfield facilities design.  Our designs and consulting services are examples of the ways we build upon this knowledge base of design maximization, enhanced product features, manufacturing expertise, superior quality and ongoing engineering and technical consultation in the field of separating and removing water and gas from oil with our treatment equipment.  Our demand for creative solutions consistently offers cutting edge designs, superior in-field performance, and a competitive edge for you in your marketplace.   We have a proven history of developing innovative solutions in the field of separating and removing water and gas from oil with our treatment equipment, and our fourteen granted patents are examples of the many ways we can help you achieve your performance and engineering goals.

Depend on us for your facility designs.  We'll include our patented and proprietary design services wherever we can to increase your competitive advantage.  Our focus is in following key areas of interest:

​1.         Oilfield related pressure vessel design and optimization.

2.         Oilfield related combustion processes.

3.         Oilfield related natural gas processing and conditioning.

4.         Oilfield related instrumentation and automation unrelated to water treatment plants/processing.

5.         Oil and gas industry related process system optimization.

6.         Oilfield crude oil dehydration to pipeline specs.

​7.         Oilfield facilities design to prevent fires.

8.         Oilfield chemicals and their most effective application methodology.

9.         Oil and gas process equipment sizing for optimum separation.

Breakthrough Engenuity LLC

 Oil and Gas Industry Focused Professional Engineering and Design Services