Oilfield fires are devastating!  They are also preventable!!  The fact is that open thief hatches are a major cause of most oilfield tank battery fires.  Keeping all thief hatches closed at all times can prevent many of them.  

Grounding is another chief issue, particularly as we place more and more tank batteries on insulating vinyl containment liners.  These electrically insulate tank bottoms from grounded earth, which can create un-grounded structures which can accumulate static charges.  When these static charges discharge across an open thief hatch, or unprotected gas vent line, where flammable gas and the oxygen in air mix, the static discharge completes the third leg of the fire triangle.  What happens next is well known to us all ... fire, then explosion, and destroyed facilities. 

Proper grounding, flame and detonation arrestors on vent lines, and closed thief hatches should be the order of the day in all facilities ... both old and new!


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The future is bright!  The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now by-words of all modern industry ... yes, even in the oil industry!  All of our refineries and petrochemical plants use these tools to reduce human error, optimize operations with smaller work forces, and to generate higher profits.  It's literally "more with less"!  Unwilling to stay stagnant, L-POD is now in its sixth iteration.  The latest, L-POD Generation-6, embodies the most efficient oil dehydration method known: the dual polarity electrostatic technology.  Advancing L-POD technologies bring AI and the IoT into the grass roots oil patch ... the production process facility where precious oil is efficiently dehydrated to pipeline specification to avoid the penalties of "off-spec" crude ... at L-POD does it with zero human intervention.  L-POD is the future ... NOW!

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