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Where engineering meets Ingenuity

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Breakthrough Engenuity LLC

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​​Breakthrough Engenuity
"Where engineering meets ingenuity!"

The pictures above are a few examples of our areas of interest in 2020 and beyond.  A few may need our help, while others already enjoy the benefits of our innovative technologies.

Here at Breakthrough Engenuity we combine conventional engineering disciplines with our brand of 21st century ingenuity to create extraordinary breakthroughs in oil and gas process systems.  Thus the name "Breakthrough Engenuity" ... a name as unique as the technologies we represent, and where we say "Engineering meets Ingenuity".  

We lead the way in creative engineering by bringing together well-proven (and occasionally forgotten) concepts in new, practical, innovative and sometimes ingenious ways to create oilfield process systems that outperform those locked in the paradigms of the past.  After all, in the 21st century, the paradigm "we've always done it that way" is often reason enough to try something new!  And new doesn't mean secret to us either!  We share our technologies with anyone interested enough to read about them.  Check out our "Papers" section by clicking on the Papers heading above.

So we're focused on better oil and gas equipment designs, more efficient tank farm designs, the right chemical selections and application methods, meaningful equipment specifications, the use of the best available technologies, and broader client awareness of our technologies; all geared to help improve performance and to optimize operating efficiency across the board. 

The bottom line is increased profit for YOU!

          About The Founder

                 Breakthrough Engenuity was founded by Bill Ball during his 23rd year                     as the leader of his own consulting engineering companies.  His credentials represent the culmination of a lifetime of achievements in oilfield related innovations.  Bill is the named inventor on 20 process equipment patents, with two more currently pending.  His first, the HWSB® oil-water skim tank was a surprise success to Exxon in their Talco field, and has been an industry game changer ever since.  His next innovation, the DFSD® helped separate solids while equally deviding flow to wach downstream vessel with no moving parts.  Today over 3,500 HWSB®s are now in service industry-wide, and the HWSB® is now used in most new SWD and production water treating facilities. 

Bill’s client list includes both independents and majors.  He designed and patented both the horizontal high-pressure separator and the horizontal heater treater used to develop the Eagle Ford by EOG, who became the largest US oil producer.                      He also masterminded EOG’s central tank battery design, used                     throughout their operations, which was responsible for their climb to

                      the top and their success in getting more and drier oil to market than ever before recorded.  In addition Bill designed Devon’s standard line of gas-liquids and oil treating process equipment, WPX's two $10 million master water treating systems in the Piceance Basin of Colorado with effluent water quality of less than 5 ppmv, created Shell's Permina Basin “standard” SWD Plant design, and has designed nearly half of all domestic SWD plants built since 1992.  All of these were breakthroughs for Bill’s clients, each of whom respect Bill’s engineering prowess and unique ingenuity.  Thus the name “Breakthrough Engenuity” … where, as Bill says, “Engineering meets Ingenuity”.

And, the beat goes on!  As we all turn the corner into 2020 and beyond, you too can capitalize on the ingenuities awaiting your next challenge with Breakthrough Engenuity.  You can feel confident that when you call for Bill’s help, you’ll get the best the industry has to offer!​

Breakthrough Engenuity

Where engineering meets Ingenuity!

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