​Vessel Specifications Pay Big Dividends

This "White Paper" was written to help facilties engineers get a grip on the important issues they face when they buy new oilfield process equipment.  When you take the time to write a specification, you pay for your time a hundred times over!

L-POD - A System to Eliminate BS&W at Pipeline Terminals

​This "White Paper" describes this new system designed to eliminate BS&W from crude oil BEFORE it is pumped into the nation's pipeline and refineries!

​​KOTREATTM - Another 21st Century Breakthrough

This "White Paper" describes the how the innovative KOTREATTMreduces costs.  KOTREATTM is a single vessel combining a free water knockout section and a horizontal heater treater. 


Rarely do any clients share their internal justification documents with ​equipment suppliers, but this one did.  In this paper a pipeline terminal client (anonymous) writes a justification for the installation and multi-use of L-POD Systems..

​Most Oilfield Facility Fires Can Be Prevented

Oilfield facilities designers and installers should consider all salient conditions for the prevention of fires.  This paper outlines some of the key issues.

​Stop Corrosion in its Tracks

Nearly all oilfield facilities experience corrosion to one degree or another.  Stopping it is easy!  The best use of coatings, anodes, and chemical corrosion inhibitors  is outlined in this white paper.

It's Time to use AI and IOT in Upstream Oilfield Facilities

This paper suggests that the time is now to use AI and the IOT in existing and new tank batteries to improve efficiency and increase much needed profitability.

Should Treater Firetubes be in Water or Oil?

For nearly 90 years designers have placed treater firetubes in water.  This paradigm ("we've always done it that way") is challenged in this technical paper, suggesting we shouldn't have!

​​​Cut Chemical Costs by 50% or More!

This "White Paper" describes simple, practical, doable ways to cut chemical costs while improving chemical treating effectiveness at the same time.  Application methods make all the difference ... and you can make it happen!


Client Justifies L-POD

​​Report of the Woodward L-POD Field Test

This "White Paper" describes the first field test of the Generation 1 L-POD System.  The results were predictably very positive.  Since this test, L-POD's Generation 2 System has been designed and produced.  It will be an even better performer in the real world.


​Gunbarrel Tank Sizing

​for Oilfield Crude Oil Dehydration

This paper details the how to size a Gunbarrel or Wash Tank to dehydrate produced crude oil.  A nomograph is provided for all oilfield applications.

These papers are intended for free use by our clients

​Facilities Performance Evaluation Reports

Facilities are ever-changing with the times.  As operations personnel come and go through the "Boom and Bust" cycles facility performance sometimes suffers.  We offer evaluation studies to find weak links and return performance to a higher level of acceptability.

​Proper Oilfield Vessel  Baffle Designs Improve Separation Efficiency 

Almost all oilfield pressure vessels suffer from surges which short circuit retention time.  Proper attention to baffle design can cure this problem!

Our Patents

Patents and efficiency often go hand in hand.  In facility design we  weigh the value of patented technology against its costs.  When efficiency matters  our IP  (patents and intellectual property) really performs.  Take a look at our IP here and use it in your next project! 

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