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"Where engineering meets ingenuity!"

Our industry is blessed with ingenuity.  It started in 1859 with the ingenious idea that crude oil could replace whale oil used in oil lamps to produce light for everyday life. Drake's 1859 oil well took over a year to drill.  It was only 69 feet deep.  Drake invented the first hard-rock cable tool drilling wedge, or he'd never have found oil.  Ingenious!!  In 1901 another oil driller encountered shallow quicksand in Spindletop, Texas.  He ran casing through the sandy layer, and then continued to drill through the hard rock below.  His Spindletop well blew in at 100,000 barrels of oil per day; the largest well EVER.  His genius REALLY paid off!  In 1928 Amerada Petroleum first used seismic technology to find oil. Prior to that, only one in ten wells drilled found oil.  Since then, success has grown to over 90%.  Ingenius!!  

Today, here at Breakthrough Engenuity, we combine proven engineering with 21st century ingenuity to create breakthroughs in oil and gas process system designs.  

We lead the way in creative engineering.  We combine well-proven, and often forgotten, concepts in new, practical, innovative and ingenious ways.  This unique mix fits well with our 21st century production conditions, which are vastly different than those of the past.  The "we've always done it that way" paradigm of the 20th century is gone from everything we do. 

This is a new era in oilfield operations.  Vertical completions are nearly a thing of the past!  Long- lateral, horizontal completions, and multi-stage frac jobs are the order of the day.  They result in more productivity than ever before!  These new wells also demand more attention to process equipment design details to deal with high water cuts, high GORs, and the effects of frac cocktails on oil and water quality.  Properly done, operators can eliminate their largest cost: DOWNTIME!.  Our tank farms designs focus on eliminating downtime.  Our "plug-n-play" CTB (central tank battery) designs minimize long-term CAPEX by swapping out larger equipment for smaller equipment as new wells decline.  

The bottom line is increased profit for YOU!

               Breakthrough Engenuity was founded by Bill Ball during his 23rd year as 

              the leader of his own consulting engineering companies.  His credentials             represent the culmination of a lifetime of achievements in oilfield related innovations.  Bill's twenty-three US process equipment patents speak to his qualifications. 

Bill's first patent has become a real "game changer".  It is the industry's first true "skim tank".  Today there are over 3,500 HWSB® skim tanks separating and capturing oil that used to be injected and lost forever.  Each HWSB® captures ALL waste oil from produced water streams in many of today's production facilities and nearly all new SWD plants.    The HWSB® makes all gun barrel tanks obsolete!  The DFSD® is another patented design complimenting the HWSB®.  It's a de-sanding, de-gassing, flow splitting tank system.  Both have no moving parts.  Both are perfect for most tank batteries and all SWDs.

Other patents have been game changers for the likes of companies like EOG, where our horizontal high-pressure separators and horizontal heater treaters have been used in every Eagle Ford CTB since 2012, making EOG the largest US oil producer in 2014 and 2015.
  Devon’s got its standard line of gas-liquids and oil treating process equipment designs from Breakthrough Engenuity, as did WPX for its two $10 million master water treating systems in the Piceance Basin where effluent water quality is less than 5 ppmv.  Bill also created Shell's Permian Basin “standard” SWD Plant design, and designed over 50% of all SWD plants built in the USA since 1992. 

Bill's clients have always benefitted from these breakthroughs and examples of ingenuity.  Thus the name “Breakthrough Engenuity”.  It's truly where “Engineering meets Ingenuity”.