Breakthrough Engenuity LLC

 Oil and Gas Industry Focused Professional Engineering and Design Services

Breakthrough Engenuity
"Where engineering meets ingenuity!"


Breakthrough Engenuity LLC combines formal engineering disciplines with the 21st century ingenuity to create oil and gas industry breakthrough advancements.  Thus the name "Breaklthrough Engenuity" ... as unique as the technologies we represent.  

Here at Breakthrough Engenuity we practice creative engineering, combining it  with ingenuity to create new, practical, and innovative oilfield ideas, designs, and systems.

Breakthrough Engenuity is focused on the areas of oil and gas separation, processing, equipment specifications, best available technology implementation, and training, all geared to develop, advance, and apply appropriate technologies to increase operating efficiencies for its clients.

​The pictures above are a few examples of some of our areas of expertise, some needing, and some already enjoying our technologies and advancements.

Breakthrough Engenuity

Where engineering meets ingenuity!